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ACCESS How to get to the Ryokan Tokyo

Transportation from the airport


Transportation from the airport

Yugawara is about 55 minutes from Tokyo.* It is a seaside hot spring town with a rich history and high-quality hot spring baths. Close to Atami and Hakone, it is an area rich with tourist attractions.
*When using the Shinkansen "Hikari or Kodama". By regular train it takes about 90 minutes from Shinagawa-station.

By car or by public transport


■Car access( from Yugawara station)

Directions from Yugawara Station
There is a parking(limited 10, free)
* "The Ryokan Tokyo" on Google Map, the exact position will be displayed.

① Looking at Yugawara station on your right hand, go straight ahead on the main street
② About 5 minutes, turn right at the "Gosho Jinja" and go up the slope
③ Go straight ahead for about 3 minutes (Orange Road)
④ Before the second tunnel, turn left at the sign on the left side
⑤ Go down and down the slope along the street.
⑥ About 1 minute, signs of "The Ryokan Tokyo" on the right hand

■公共交通機関① 湯河原駅まで<small>(新幹線・電車)</small>

■Public transportation[1]Yugawara Station(Shinkansen or Train)

Access by train from Tokyo

【To Yugawara Station】
· Regular train(90min):From "JR Shinagawa Sta.", get "JR Tokaido line" to Yugawara Sta.
· Shinkansen (55min):From Shinagawa Sta. to Odawara Sta. and get of the Shinkansen, and change to the "JR Tokaido line" to Yugawara Sta.

 公共交通機関② 湯河原駅から藤木橋バス停まで<small>(バス)</small>

Public transportation[2]Yugawara Station to "Fujiki-Bashi"bus stop(Bus)

【From Yugawara Sta. to The Ryokan Tokyo】
1: Yugawara Sta. (Ticket gate left) Take the bus at the front bus Rotary "3 stop"
※Buses come every 10-15minutes.
※SuicaPASMO compatible, one way 230 yen
2: Get off at the 13th stop (about 10 minutes) at "Fujiki Bashi"

*There are considerable steep slopes on the way to coming by foot, so if you have big baggage please use a taxi or reserve a shuttle.

公共交通機関③ 藤木橋バス停からThe Ryokan Tokyoまで<small>(徒歩)</small>

Public transportation[3]"Fujiki-Bashi"bus stop to The Ryokan Tokyo(Bus)

- From the "Fujiki-Bashi" bus stop to The Ryokan Tokyo -

3: After getting off the bus, go up the steep slope to "Kameya Ryokan" on the right hand side (it is quite urgent)
4: When you reach the hill with good view, turn right and go up the slope
5: Turn left at the end and continue a little, and on the left hand

*The view is nice and the air is tasty, the weather is nice on a comfortable road, but please consider it due to the weather and physical condition as it is steep slope.
*There are considerable steep slopes on the way to coming by foot, so if you have big baggage please use a taxi or reserve a shuttle.


■Taxi( Taxi from Yugawara station)

【From Yugawara Sta. to The Ryokan Tokyo】
Aabout 10 minutes ride , about 1500 yen for one way.

How to book the Shuttle service (from train station "Yugawara")

送迎サービス<small>(The Ryokan Tokyo宿泊のお客様向け)</small>

Pick-up service(for Hotel guests)

We have the service to pick up from Yugawara Station at 4pm,5pm.
*The Shuttle is The Ryokan Tokyo guests only.This shuttle can not be used by customers who use only Gensen Cafe.