TheRyokanTokyo YUGAWARA is Cycling(& Running) Station service

Cycling(& Running) Station servic

The Station Hotel began.

Why don't you make The Ryokan Tokyo as you cycling stop?

Our Ryokan is located in Yugawara which is surrounded by the ocean mountain so it contains a beautiful natural scenery. It is a well known place for the locals.

Beside Yugawara is really close to Hakone so it is the best location to make one-day trip. In our Ryokan we have the tatami resting area for you to relax yourself after the trip.

After the long day you can enjoying our onsite hot spring to relax your body and soul. Afterward you can join in our bar and have one iced-cold beer and dined in the restaurant. We also have some interesting actives in the Ryokan!

Look forward to having you visit us!


Price: 2,000yen


Hot springs


Rest space


Bicycle stand

Face towel Free rental

Bath towelFree rental

rental yukata

Free drink

Locker for valuables

Bicycle pump French and US style

Maintenance tools

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サイドバナー - 湯河原の旅館なら【The Ryokan Tokyo湯河原】